Grandview Real Estate Information

A mid-sized suburb of the Kansas City area, Grandview, Missouri, is a town in Jackson County, which lies along Route 71 just south of Kansas City. At the 2000 census, the city was calculated to have a population of right around 25,000, with residents having a median annual household income of just over $40,000. The city encompasses an area of nearly 15 square miles.

The city began as an agricultural community and was originally called Anderson District. It later became to be known as Grandview, and is best known throughout the area as the place where former U.S. president Harry Truman spent much of his days as a child at his grandparents' farm, where he spent the year of 1906 to 1917. The house, which was constructed in 1894, still stands in Grandview and is now owned and operated by the National Park Service. The city got its first wave of growth beginning in 1912, when it became a railroad terminal and division point along the Kansas City Southern railroad line, bringing the economic spurt that is generally associated with towns' designations along railroad lines

Today, the original railroad depot still stands in town and now serves as the Grandview Historical Depot Museum, with artifacts, photos and other items on display for visitors. Other places to visit in Grandview include more than 170 acres of park land among 13 parks, and almost two and a half miles of trails. The 930-acre Longview Lake is located on the city's northeastern border and provides it with a one-acre beach area. A newly constructed community center houses a suspended running track, an indoor pool with a water slide, a gymnasium, a fitness area and more.

Children and teenagers who grow up in Grandview attend educational facilities operated by the Grandview Consolidated School District, which includes one high school, two middle schools, five elementary schools and an alternative school. There are several health clinics in town, and the nearest hospitals are just about 10 miles away. The city celebrates such annual events as Harry's Hay Days, a festival and parade held in May celebrating the life of former President Harry Truman, who spent time here as a child, and the Jazz Blast, a festival celebrating the area's connections to jazz music each September. There are also farmers markets held on Saturdays during the warmer months of summer and fall.